€ 10 French links, what for?

Inexpensive French guest posts, for only € 10, on sites with real metrics and juice to transmit... This is not common and can be useful for many reasons, whatever your linkbuilding strategy is, and even if your site is not French! Indeed, whether you have small niche sites or deep pages that do not require a large contribution of links to be number 1, cheap French links will be the winning option. Whether you want to use your main keyword on all your links without risking Google Penguin filter, cheap FR guest posts will allow you to dilute your anchors quickly and cleanly. Wheter you have an advanced SEO strategy with tiers, cheap French articles can help you strengthen the foundations of your network. There are still many reasons, some of which are presented to you below. But feel free to use these links as you wish. Each linkbuilding strategy is unique. That is also what SEO is about! Below are some more adavnced explanations. But first of all...

Can I use small French links toward my site if it is in another language?

You may wonder: "Why would I buy French links to push a website that is in another language? Is there any use to this?" Well, our anwser is “Yes”. We believe that Google is smart enough to recognise the relevance of a link, even in different languages. Regarding the anchor, we explain below how it is better not to use kewords, so get the best of your € 10 publications and use a branding anchor! Spreading the word about your brand on an international level can only be a positive signal to send to Google, don't you think? We are convinced that it is true.

Push your deep pages or small niche sites

One of the primary uses of buying cheap French linkbuilding is, of course, to allow your deep pages or niche sites to rank on uncompetitive queries, as defined in your linkbuilding strategy. There is no need to spend a big budget when it comes to small requests. This is why many linkbuilding strategists do not take these pages and requests into account: They believe it is not useful to put a real budget on it, and they are right. However, it remains essential to push them as part of a global strategy and to quickly obtain results that will last over time. Cheap guest posts are a perfect fit.

Dilute the anchors texts (avoid Google Penguin filter)

You are well aware that Google does not appreciate the use of too many exact anchors. Yet, it is THE solution to have a site or pages rank more easily, rather than by using diverse and varied anchors. Today, according to our tests, you should not exceed 7 to 8% of the same keyword towards a same page. So, how do you get the best of your linkbuilding strategy and the strong links that you managed to get (for example with 1erePlace.com)? Simply drown the big links obtained on your main keyword with small, inexepnsive and easy-to-get links, like the ones we offer you at Accesslink. Thus, by creating 8 links at € 10, you will be able, without any problem, to create a big link on your favorite keyword, and this without any risk for your SEO. Say a final goodbye to Google Penguin filter thanks to this winning strategy!

Increase the power of your network

Obtaining this type of link also allows you to push tiers 1, 2 or 3 for those who have advanced SEO strategies and who work with networks and other optimized PBN. Indeed, these tier sites will serve as fuses to the main site. It is therefore useless to push them with expensive links: small links are there for that and these will easily replace directories, webprofiles and other less effective spamco!

Boost your metrics

Nowadays, metrics have become an essential criterion in the eyes of many SEO strategists. Whether we are talking about estimated traffic or referring domains with different data providers, DA, DR, TF, SI, and so on... There is not a day that goes by without the SEO sphere attaching importance to it. With the French links we offer, you will have the opportunity to boost these metrics very easily and at a lower cost, so there is no hesitation.

How the AccessLink platform works in a few words

AccessLink.fr will accordingly allow you to obtain French guest posts including the links of your choice for different possibilities, as explained above, but also for many other uses. Everyone has their own strategy and own use of linkbuilding. Today, the goal is to offer quick links and at an affordable price so that the traditional small links that were made via comments from blogs, webprofiles or other directories, now from another age, can be replaced.

How many sites? How are they?

Several hundred sites that do not have any footprints are available. All are set up on expired domains with a good TrustFlow and between 10 and 100 referring domains (some surprises at more than 200 referring domains and up to TF 40 may appear!). Articles are 300+ words-long and blogs are developped on exclusive themes on a WordPress CMS . Each of these sites is on a unique IP, with no link between them and everything is done to make them as exclusive as possible, and of high quality, for the incredible price of € 10.

What am I entitled to?

Thanks to this offer, you will be able to obtain FR links very quickly (within 24h in normal times), through 300+ words-long French articles relevant with the subject you are dealing with on the page or site that you wish to boost. You will also have the choice of anchors and can master this to match the linkbuilding strategy that is yours. Thus, you can indicate by yourself the desired anchor for each link ordered, or choose between different options (generics, URLs, etc.) which will allow you to order directly 10, 20, 50 or even 200 links in just a few seconds.
There are still many reasons to use these little links. Everyone has their own way of seeing things and the benefits that can be drawn from them!

How can I pay?

As soon as you have prepared your order, just like on an e-commerce, you just have to go through the payment process. We currently offer payment by credit card and Paypal (+5% for the latter).