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Jonathan Habert - Associate Director of L'Agence Web
The AccessLink service, is of a high quality speed and efficiency! Immediately ordered, immediately delivered! Orders are usually delivered in less than 48 hours, a record! We are fully satisfied with the services and we warmly recommend the platform.
Denis Repérant - Independent SEO consultant
With Accesslink, I find the efficiency I have always had in my exchanges with Olivier. Orders are delivered very quickly and in line with my expectations. The metrics of the sites are more than satisfactory for such inexpensive links. A useful tool to diversify your netlinking strategy.
Anne-Aurélie - SEO Manager at LM2 Group
We regularly work with Accesslink: a quality service and very attractive rates that allow us to save time and money in our link acquisition strategy. In short: an excellent service / cost / visibility ratio.
Patrick Chareyre - Co-founder of Performance Web
Small but strong links to boost your network.
Agency Mediamiu
AccessLink is one of the best ways to get backlink very quickly, in my opinion. It can be used to boost a Tier 2 a bit or to work on your metrics because, in addition to being super easy to order, the backlinks you get are placed on very nice spots. It's the most suitable tool to make mass links!
Maximilien Labadie - CEO of the L'Agence Web and SEO Ltd.
Need cheap links to strengthen your netlinking? Go to !! it's a great place to start.
Maxime Bridon - CEO of the agency OVER 9K SAS
Accesslink is perfect in many ways and meets needs that are sometimes difficult to meet elsewhere. The ordering process is simple and bullshit-free, the execution is super fast and I have seen very good results on many projects thanks to them. I have full confidence in them !
Jérome Guyonnet - Independent SEO Consultant
Very disappointed by Accesslink that I had used to dilute anchors as the platform was selling and gain RD. Instead, Accesslink made me gain positions, increased my TF and highlighted a satellite site that I had to redo to please the visitors.

Why buy €10 French links?

To have access to inexpensive French links, for only €10, on sites with real metrics and considered link juice, is not common. They can be useful for many reasons, whatever your link building strategy is, even if your site is not French! Indeed, whether you have small niche sites, or deep pages that do not require a large contribution of links to be number 1, these cheap French links will be a winning option. For example, if you want to use your main keyword on all your links, without risking getting caught by Google Penguin filter, these cheap French links on guest posts will allow you to dilute your anchors quickly, without leaving any traces behind. There are many other reasons to do use these links, including some you will find below. But feel free to use these links as you wish, since each link building strategy is unique. After all, that is what good SEO is about!

Can I use small French or foreign links toward my site if it is in another language?

You may wonder: "Why would I buy French or foreign links to push a website that is in another language, and if there is any use to it?" Well, our answer is “Yes.” We believe that Google is smart enough to recognise the relevance of a link, even if it is in a different language than the one used on the site it is linking to. Spreading the word about your brand, on an international level, can only be a positive signal to send to Google; don't you think? As for us, we are convinced that it is true. Regarding the anchor, we will explain below why it is better not to use keywords, to get the best of your €10 links.

Push your deep pages or small niche sites

One of the main interests of buying cheap French links is to allow your deep pages or niche sites to rank high on uncompetitive queries, as thought of in your link building strategy. There is no need to invest an important budget when it comes to smaller requests. In fact, it explains why many link building strategists do not focus on these pages and requests. They believe it is not useful to spend a lot of money on them, and they are right to think so. However, it remains essential to push them as part of a global strategy, in order to obtain results quickly, that will last over time. That is what buying cheap links can do for your sites.

Dilute the anchor texts to avoid the Google Penguin filter

You are well aware that Google does not appreciate the use of too many identical anchors. Yet, it is THE solution to get a higher ranking, for a site or pages. The results are much better than of you are using various anchors. However, according to tests we made, you should not exceed 5 % to 6% of the same keyword, to link towards one page. So, how do you get the best of your link building strategy and the great sponsored texts that you managed to acquire (for example through You simply have to drown the big links obtained through your main keyword with small, inexpensive and easy-to-get links, like the ones we offer at Accesslink. Through the use of 15 links at €10, you will easily be able to create a big link on your favorite keyword, without putting your SEO strategy at risks. And you won’t have to worry about the Google Penguin filter anymore, thanks to this winning strategy!

Increase the power of your network

Obtaining this type of link will also allow you to push tiers 1, 2 or 3 for those who have advanced SEO strategies, and work with networks and other optimized PBN. Indeed, these tier sites will serve as fuses to the main one. It is therefore useless to push them with expensive links: small links are there to get the results you are looking for, and they will easily replace directories, web profiles and spamco, all much less efficient to your link building strategy.

Boost your metrics

Nowadays, metrics have become an essential point in the eyes of many SEO strategists. Whether we are talking about estimated traffic or referring domains on different data providers, DA, DR, TF, SI, and so on... Not a day goes by when the world of SEO doesn’t focus on metrics. With the French links we offer, you will have the opportunity to boost these metrics easily and at a lower cost. So don’t hesitate and get in on this offer now.

How the AccessLink platform works in a few words will allow you to obtain links inside French guest posts, to help with the various points mentioned above, but also for many other uses. Everyone has their own strategy and use of link building. Today, the goal is to offer quick links and at an affordable price, so that the traditional small links made via comments from blogs, web profiles or other directories, and that are now pass their prime, can be replaced by them.

How many sites? How are they?

We offer thousands of sites that do not leave any footprints. All are set-up on expired domains with good TrustFlow, and they include between 10 to 100 referring domains. There are some exceptions at more than 200 referring domains and up to TF 40. They are articles of 300 words and more, written by a person, as well as blogs developed on exclusive themes, on a WordPress CMS. Each of these sites is on a unique IP, with no link between them, so that they are completely independent of one another. All this for the incredible price of €10.

What am I entitled to?

Thanks to this offer, you will be able to obtain French links very quickly (within 24h in normal times), through French articles of 300 words and more, relevant to the subject on the page or site that you wish to boost. We also offer links on websites written in German, English, Italian and Spanish. You will also have the choice of anchors, so that you can make sure they match your link building strategy. You can tell us the anchor you desire to use or choose from various options (generics, URLs, etc.) which will allow you to order directly 10, 20, 50 or even 200 links in just a few seconds.There are still many options for you to discover.

How can I pay?

As soon as you have prepared your order, just like on any other e-commerce website, you just have to go through the regular payment process. We currently offer payment by credit card and Paypal.

What you will find as metrics!